What FamiKit Can Help:

Remotely track the real-time location of kids.

  • Real-time Location:
  • No need to anxiously wait for reply any more.
    keep tracking the real-time location of your kids.

  • Location History:
  • Get the location history of your kids.
    Know where your kids have been in one day.

  • Geofences:
  • Allow parents to create geo-fences around special locations.
    Once your kids out of this range, you can get instant alerts.


Know Parents' Concerns

Help you address your worries. When your kids are go outside alone, parents can get instant information of your kids’ location.

  • Leave school or home without permission.
  • Lost the way when not accompanied by adults.
  • Encounter unkind strangers or get close to dangerous places.

Access all features after your subscription

Here are FamiKit most popular features

Screen Time

Control screen time and track app usage.

Website Filter

Create a safe environment & view browsing history.

Tracking Location

Check kids' location history and create safe zones.

Real-Time Alerts

Get real-time alert if kids try to view bad contents.

Safe Social

Prevent your kids from speaking four-letter
word in social apps.

Safe Search

Stop your kids from searching inappropriate contents in browsers.

YouTube Monitor

View YouTube watching history and block certain videos & channels.

App Blocker

Directly block certain apps such as gaming or social apps and more.

Related FAQs

When your kids' phone battery is under 20%, you will receive the low battery situation alert.

Get your kids' phone and open Google Maps. Tap the button on the top left and choose the timeline. Free to check daily or monthly location history. However, with FamiKit, you could select location history option on the dashboard to see the location of the day you want. You can also create geo-fences to get notified and track if your kid moves out of the boundary.

Tap on the INVITE button, and once parents agree, the position between kids and parents will show up on the map.

Preset your phone, check "Find My Device" and find your lost android phone.

  • Open the "Settings" and tap "Security", and keep "Find My Device" turnning on.
  • Tap "Location" and keep it turnning on.
  • Open "play.google.com/settings" and make the device visible.
  • Open "android.com/find" and sign in to your Google Account.
However, with FamiKit, you're allowed to use real-time location option to know the location of the lost phone.

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