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How to Set up Parental Controls on Netflix?

Netflix is a subscription-based streaming service which offers online streaming from a library of films and television series. It can be accessed with computer, tablets or smartphones with its website or app. Most kids spend lots of time on Netflix especially during the quarantine, which concerns parents that they may stumble upon any inappropriate contents or spend excessive time on it. In this article, we’ll show you how to set up parental control on Netflix and limit its screen time for kids.

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How to Block Facebook on Mobile and PC

If your kid who also spends much time on Facebook that they are supposed to put into his/her study or other activities, maybe you need to take some actions to set limit on the app. Facebook is so addictive and much information on it is useless to your kid. What's worse, your kid could be the victim of online-bullying since Facebook profile being publicly accessed by others. So this article teaches you how to limit or block Facebook on Mobile and PC.

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10 Best Google Family Link Alternatives?

Google Family Link is a parental control app launched by Google to help parents manage kid’s smartphone usage. It offers multiple features, but it only allows parents to use the app for kids below 13. If you are searching for Google Family Link alternatives, this article where 10 best alternatives have been complied can be really helpful to you.

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How do I Put Parental Controls on Nintendo Switch?

My 7-year-old son got a Nintendo Switch as a gift but when he plays it he gets very angry and starts shouting and being rude. What should I do? That’s a typical question asked by concerned parents. So in this article, we are going to give detailed solutions on how to put parental controls on Nintendo Switch.

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How to Set up Parental Controls for iPhone 12 and Android?

As responsible parents, we all want to raise a child who is happy, physically active, emotionally balanced, and socially affable. However, you must have noticed that kids are spending more and more time on their phones which will or have already invited problems for them.

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How do I Put Parental Controls on Samsung Phone?

Social media and video games can be much fun and attracting for many teens. However, they can be easily addicted to them as well which will prevent kids from their to-do-list and even school work. As one of the leading brand in mobile industry, Samsung device is quite popular among young kids. If you are looking for how to put parental controls on Samsung phone, this article offering 5 ways will give you overall solutions.

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How to Set Parental Control on OnePlus 8T

So maybe you feel worried for your kids to spend much time on the smartphone rather than their study or other exercise, you need to take some actions to stop them being smartphone addiction. You can set parental control on their smartphone. And this article teaches you how to set parental control on your kid's OnePlus 8T.

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How to Prevent Your Kid from Being WhatsApp Addiction

Nowadays, most of teenagers own a smartphone, they can keep in touch with their family or friends anytime. But the problem is, they uses the phone too much, even at midnight when they are supposed to sleep. They keep texting with friends on WhatsApp or other social apps instead of going to sleep. And it's what makes them feel asleep at school. So you may wonder what measures you can take to stop your kid from being smartphone and WhatsApp addiction? And this article teachs you how to set limit on WhatsApp to prevent your kid from being WhatsApp addiction.

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Stop Your Kid from Being Addicted to Mobile Games

Maybe you feel worried for your kids to spend much time on the mobile games rather than their study. The good news is, you can take some measures to stop this. You can put some limitations on their smartphone usage or directly blcok some mobile games on the device. And this article lists some easy methods to help you prevent your kids from being addicted to the mobile games, you can make it on both Android device and iPhone/iPad.

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Set up Parental Control for iOS 14 and Android Device

From new home screen with App Library, to new widgets on the Today view   home screen and picture-in-picture mode, the newly launched iOS 14 is full of features both large and small. However, some Apple users choose to downgrade from iOS 14 to iOS 13 for some reasons. Speaking of the overhauling of widgets experience for iOS 14, you may easily find screen time on the Today view, which gives you report on phone activities.

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Block Porn Websites for Kids

How to block porn websites for kids is a typical question for concerned parents. Especially for today’s kids, they can easily access to porn or adult contents with computer or smartphones. Being exposed to adult contents can tamper with kid’s psychology in more ways than you can imagine. In this article, you are going to learn how to block porn websites from Windows PC to Mac and Android. Also, you will get how to view kid’s browser histories without physical access. Let’s get started!

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Check and Limit Screen Time on iOS and Android for Kids

Screen time gives parents a clue to figure out kids’ passive and interactive consumption or communication with smartphone. Too much screen time for one thing will ruin kids’ eyesight, for another it will lead to other issues like potential cyberbully, invasion of privacy and more. In this article, you’ll know how to check and limit screen time both on iOS and Android.

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