What FamiKit Can Help:

Detect Suspicious Content and Get Alerts to Keep Kids Safe on Social Media Apps!

  • Detect Suspicious Words:
  • Monitor kids' messages of sent or received together with posts in
    multiple social apps and detect offensive keywords or texts in them.

  • Customize Risky Phrases:
  • Parents can remotely create risky words or phrases that are regarded
    as inappropriate for kids to share or access on social media apps.

  • Get Instant Alerts:
  • With Safe Social enabled, kids will be promptly warned and parents will
    get instant alerts when FamiKit detects risky words or phrases.


Know Parents' Concerns

FamiKit helps parents keep an eye on kids' various social apps and keep kids safe on social platforms.

  • Cyberbullying prevails with the help of digital mediums or communication tools.
  • Pornography is available on social platforms and teens may unknowingly stumble upon it.
  • Kids may fall into deceptive marketing tactics or bogus posts and hard to get out of it.

Access all features after your subscription

Here are FamiKit most popular features

Screen Time

Control screen time and track app usage.

Website Filter

Create a safe environment & view browsing history.

Tracking Location

Check kids' location history and create safe zones.

Real-Time Alerts

Get real-time alert if kids try to view bad contents.

Safe Social

Prevent your kids from speaking four-letter
word in social apps.

Safe Search

Stop your kids from searching inappropriate contents in browsers.

YouTube Monitor

View YouTube watching history and block certain videos & channels.

App Blocker

Directly block certain apps such as gaming or social apps and more.

Related FAQs

These are popular social apps that are frequently used by teens: WhatsApp |Instagram |Facebook |Facebook messenger |Snapchat |Kik |Tik Tok |Twitter |YouTube, etc.

Here're the downsides of social media:

  • Affect Health: Spending too much time on social media can be harmful in developing brains, personalities and physical development as well. Besides, sedentary activity can be a risk of overweight.
  • Cyberbullying: Examples of it include posting hurtful images, making online threats, and sending hurtful emails or texts. Children’s identity and self-esteem are very fragile during early adolescence which makes them so vulnerable to cyberbullying.
  • Invasion of Privacy: Sometimes, kids will unwittingly post their private information which will be utilized by people with an ulterior motive.
  • Sexual Content: Adult contents and pornography are available on various social media platforms and teenagers may unknowingly stumble upon it.
  • Economic Loss: It is quite easy for adults to see through deceptive marketing tactics or bogus posts, but children may fall into this trap and hard to get out which sometimes results in economic loss for them.

  • Encourage Outdoor Activities
  • Encourage kids to be involved in outdoor activities like ball sports or hang out with friends so as to reduce their activities on social platforms.

  • Make Screen Time on Social Apps a Privilege
  • Establish family rules and make it clear that screen time is a privilege that needs to be earned. This could be hard at the very beginning, but it will eventually benefit children.

  • Use Parental Control App
  • Use FamiKit to detect suspicious contents on social apps and get instant alerts.

    Generally speaking, there are 8 categories of suspicious contents and each of them includes multiple key words or phrases that are regarded as inappropriate for teens. Also, parents can create their own offensive words or phrases.

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