What FamiKit Can Help:

Strictly & constantly control the phone screen time!

  • Monitor Screen time:
  • Monitor how much time kids spend online on different activities
    with mobile phones.

  • Setup Screen Time:
  • Preset a smart schedule for kids. Schedule daily/weekly/monthly
    app usage around specific locations by long-distance setup.

  • Block Phone Devices:
  • To avoid extended periods of time at the phone and help keep
    kids focused, temporarily block their devices.


Know Parents' Concerns

Help you address your worries. Pay attention to the healthy social, mental spiritual and emotional growth of every kid.

  • Over-indulgence in mobile phones contributes to myopia.
  • Get addicted to network world and don't like to spend more time with families or friends.
  • Websites with pornography, gambling and violence affect kids’ mental health.

Access all features after your subscription

Here are FamiKit most popular features

Screen Time

Control screen time and track app usage.

Website Filter

Create a safe environment & view browsing history.

Tracking Location

Check kids' location history and create safe zones.

Real-Time Alerts

Get real-time alert if kids try to view bad contents.

Safe Social

Prevent your kids from speaking four-letter
word in social apps.

Safe Search

Stop your kids from searching inappropriate contents in browsers.

YouTube Monitor

View YouTube watching history and block certain videos & channels.

App Blocker

Directly block certain apps such as gaming or social apps and more.

Related FAQs

The new guideline from the World Health Organization recommends:

  • For kids 2 to 4 years old, they should spend screen time less than an hour per day.
  • For children 5-18 years old, parents should try to set consistent screen time limits on the use of kids' any digital devices in two hours or less per day.

Here's how to limit screen time on device using FamiKit:

  • Create a FamiKit account.
  • Install FamiKit app on both parent’s and kid’s phones.
  • Tap Features > Screen Time.
  • Tap Set Downtime Limit.
  • Select a start and end time.
  • Tap OK to start screen time allowance.

Parents should limit the kids' screen time. Too much screen time will be harmful to kids’ health, and survey revealed that it has been linked to an increased risk of social media anxiety, depression a greater risk of obesity, poor productivity and sleep deprivation.

  • Spend more time with families and friends.
  • Reduce digital eye strain and headache.
  • Reduce social media depression and anxiety.
  • Improve child’s sleep quality and study efficiency.

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